• Making a preview of your custom map

    It usually takes a few seconds to generate small maps

    (Large maps can take up to a few minutes)

    The screen quality preview will show all the details to be included in the final print

    The final print will be at a much higher quality

    How to make a Custom Map

    1. Search for a place to centre your map

    2. Select size and orientation options

    3. Personalize it with your own title

    4. Adjust the map to your target area

Italy Road Map

About Italy Road Map

A tourist map product for Italy, perfect for planning your trip and discovering every hidden corner of Italy. Create maps at a range of scales between 1:100,000 to 1:750,000. These maps are easy to read and provide detailed road and travel information. Road information includes the type of road and any restrictions or scenic and seasonal roads. Travel infrastructure such as service areas, tolls, railway lines, trams and cable-cars are clearly marked. Features identified include; Parks, Historical sites, Airports and State and National Borders to name a few.

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